Tomatillo Sauce

Desmond and I made this meal. Saturday morning I got a hankering for the green chile chicken enchiladas my mom used to make, one of the few dishes of hers I truly loved. She used canned green chiles and some kind of cream sauce. I don’t know what that sauce was—canned? Maybe she made it. And a ton of Monterey Jack cheese on top. Danny doesn’t do well with cream, so I wanted to avoid that. But we had a can of green chiles in the pantry, plus a lot of corn tortillas. When I did our weekly shopping on Saturday, I picked up a can of tomatillos in water and some queso fresco. 

I remembered a Pati Jinich recipe I made during a cooking class last year—super simple, with so few ingredients people worried it might be boring. It was not one bit boring, of course. Pati Jinich is a wonder. All you do is shred chicken, soften corn tortillas in a pan with hot oil, make little enchiladas, and tuck them into a casserole pan, pour a tomatillo sauce on top, then bake it all up in a 400° oven. Top with queso fresco. 

So that’s what we did here. Desmond and I made the sauce in the blender. He kept trying ingredients I didn’t remember in the original—slivers of yellow pepper, broccoli, a bit of grape tomato. I wouldn’t say those were necessary. But the lime juice and orange zest he added made this even better. Try this yourself at home.


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