Salmon Skin Sushi Tempura

The other day, Danny was looking at Instagram, then went quiet. I know by now to not ask him what he is thinking about when he is in this state. He looked out the window and his eyes grew bigger as he created something without words. Finally, he said to me, “So I was thinking I might marinate salmon, then use it to make sushi rolls, then wrap them in the salmon skin, and then make tempura batter and fry them up. How does an avocado-wasabi dipping sauce sound?”
I listened to the whole thing and then pointed upstairs. “Okay, sir! Let’s go make some.” I love this guy.

This isn’t necessarily a quick recipe. It involves skinning salmon fillets, a marinade for the salmon, and quick-pickled carrots with rice wine vinegar. And then, you make a quick sushi. After that, you dip all the sushi pieces in a gluten-free tempura batter, fry them, and make an avocado-wasabi dip.

Believe me, this is worth that effort.

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