Roasted Turnips with Miso Lemon Butter Sauce

Roasted Miso Lemon Butter Sauce

Shauna shops at the store for us on Sundays. Lately, she has been picking out vegetables for me. On Sunday, she said: Here’s a turnip. What are you going to make?  She knows me well. I love a challenge, a chance to play. 

I’ve roasted turnips quite a bit but I hear that some people have not eaten turnips before. Shauna had never eaten a turnip before she met me. 

These roasted turnips taste really interesting. Roasted turnips have a bit of sourness, a bit of bitterness. So I wanted to play with miso, with its deep umami flavor, some of my gambo butter — I wanted the richness of butter to be cut with the brightness of the butter — and a bit of sweetness with the honey. 

I really like how these came out.

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