Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Hazelnut Crema

I got the inspiration for this dish from seeing an Instagram photo by a gentleman named Andy Doubrava, who is the chef for Rustic Canyon, one of my favorite restaurants in the country. He smoked sweet potatoes and topped them with a hazelnut crema. I gawked at the photo, then went outside to set up our cooker for sweet potatoes. If you have a home smoker, and you are firing it up to smoke another food, throw in some sweet potatoes. This dish with the smoked sweet potatoes tasted liked the best kind of food — cooked on an open campfire. It was like another level. Those sweet potatoes with this hazelnut crema were really great. 

But they’re a different kind of good with roasted sweet potatoes.

I don’t do well with dairy, so this hazelnut crema was a nice surprise. I liked how creamy and smooth it is but also that it has a little more heft in the mouth than cream. Letting it sit in the refrigerator overnight, after you have made the crema, develops the flavors, layers of taste you wouldn’t expect. I highly recommend making this.

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