Roasted Cabbage with Mustard Sauce

It seems the meals we enjoy the most these days come from having too much of a vegetable left over after making another meal.

After making fried cabbage leaves for dinner last night — it’s a recipe in this cookbook, which we adore — we looked into the refrigerator and saw half a cabbage, cut open, on the bottom shelf. I grabbed it and said, “Hey honey, can you make something with this? Weren’t we just talking about chicken with mustard sauce? Maybe you could make cabbage with a mustard sauce.”

And he did.

Mustard sauce is one of the secondary sauces from bechamel — make that luscious cream sauce with some mustard. It’s plush and tangy, creamy and clings to roast chicken like no one’s business.

However, Danny’s body does not do well with cream. And he didn’t want to use demi-glace, which was the practice in some of the French restaurants where he cooked. So he came up with a dairy-free solution for our charred cabbage.

Lunch is served.

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