Finding Your Story

Shauna will guide you into finding and writing a piece that satisfies you, with specific topics, assignments, conversation, and the chance to be in community with other writers.





  • Do you have a story to tell but you don’t know how to tell it your way? Come to this class.
  • We will meet in four 90-minute sessions, once a week, over Zoom.
  • Only 8 writers can participate in a session, keeping the classes small.
  • I will be your guide but there will be interaction with other writers as well.
  • Every morning of our four weeks together, I will email a writing prompt, intended to spur you to write every day.
  • You will work on one piece of writing, from start to finish, over those 4 weeks.
  • You will edit with other participants in the workshop.
  • After the workshop is finished, I will a one-on-one editing session with you over Zoom.


Scholarships are available. Please contact Shauna at before signing up for the class.


I would love to chat with you!