Plan-Ahead Chicken Teriyaki

Thursday evenings mean baseball games for us, since our son is playing in the pinto league. Baseball is back. And it’s great. 

The problem is, those games start at 6 and go to 7:30. Right in the middle of dinner time. I feed Desmond when gets home from Parkour at 4:45, before we take him to the field at 5:30. But my daughter Lucy is dancing from 4:30 to 5:30. She needs dinner. And we need dinner. 

So now, we have a picnic of chicken teriyaki and homemade sushi on the bleachers every Thursday evening. 

It’s nice to have a ritual like that. And, if I remind myself to plan ahead, I make the marinade, slice up chicken breasts, and put them in the teriyaki sauce to marinate on Wednesday evening, as I’m making Wednesday’s dinner. 

Planning ahead is hard with ADHD. So I’ve set an alarm on my phone for Wednesday at 4 to remind myself to do it. You could also ask Siri to do this too. I’m starting to investigate apps for ADHD that send reminders too. That way, I won’t rush and freak out on Thursday, when we’re picking up kids and trying to find cleats. 

Dinner is ready, quickly. Time to play ball.

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