Orzo with Green Herb Sauce

Do you want a complete meal with lots of vegetables and flavor in less than 15 minutes? Make this orzo dish.

Orzo is the forgotten pasta. Lots of people I know have never tried it. That’s a loss, because orzo is quick to cook, easy to use in all kinds of dishes, and delicious. Since it takes so little time to make, you can be eating dinner soon after you start cooking.

Orzo is like a cross between rice and pasta made with flour, which is why it’s light and soft. And honestly, after a full bowl of it, my belly doesn’t feel as full as it does after eating pasta. 

This meal was a celebration, since it contained the first orzo Shauna had eaten in 16 years. (The orzo is the Jovial grain-free orzo, made with cassava flour. It’s a beauty.) Eating this meal can be a joyful experience for you too.

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