Oat Bars with Chocolate Ganache

Danny created these oat bars with chocolate ganache out of necessity.

Our kids have been asking for more and more “kid food” during the pandemic. Tell truth, we have never known what kid food is. After Lucy was born, we started feeding her whatever we were cooking. When Desmond was born, we continued this tradition.

But, as soon as the pandemic hit, and we were home together all the time? Their wills asserted themselves. We want kid food.

What did that mean? They wanted macaroni and cheese, pizza, chili, fries, and more ice cream, please. We were happy to help with that.

And then they took a liking to the Z Bars, after a friend of ours dropped some by the house. Suddenly, we were buying Z Bars all the time. We didn’t mind, for awhile. But the passion grew expensive. Plus, we both started feeling like we could make them ourselves.

So, Danny turned to the place where he always goes: The Joy of Cooking. This encyclopedia of recipes that work often serves as the starting point for recipes here. You can rely on it. When Danny thought about the heart of what our kids loved about those bars — oats, butter, brown sugar, and chocolate — he figured out that we should start with The Joy of Cooking oat bars with chocolate. And then he started playing.

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