Mushroom Gremolata Stroganoff

This year I have fallen madly in love with mushrooms. When I was a kid, I thought the texture of mushrooms was awful. Spongy. Like eating a dish sponge, but with a darker taste. No way. Our kids are the same now. But as an adult, I came to like them, then love them. Now, I want to eat them every single day. In quite a few cases now, something made of mushrooms tastes filling enough to me that I don’t want to eat meat.

For example, the stroganoff sauce we made with these roasted mushrooms with gremolata. Oh my.

The recipe for the mushrooms is adapted only slightly from Joshua McFadden’s from his incredible book, Six Seasons. We both adore this book, particularly the way it focuses on the vegetables. Vegetables come into season by the weeks, not the seasons. We’re now in the shoulder between autumn and winter. In other words, mushroom season.

Casually, at the end of a recipe, McFadden gave a narrative sliver of a recipe suggestion for making a stroganoff with these mushrooms. Danny ran with that and made a dairy-free stroganoff, utterly delicious.

We’re making this again tomorrow.

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