Lemon Confit Aioli

If you want to take a stab at making mayonnaise from scratch the old-fashioned way, with a whisk and a copper bowl, go for it. Add garlic and it’s an aioli.

If you want to make this aioli easier — and possibly more delicious — feel free to use the prepared mayonnaise of your choice. Here’s a chef secret: no mayonnaise you make yourself will ever be emulsified as well as Best Foods or your favorite vegan mayonnaise. Most of your favorite kitchens use prepared mayonnaise for their dishes. It’s just more efficient. 

There’s nothing wrong with making something fast. Any way you feed yourself is fine. Those of us with ADHD know that sometimes we grow so overwhelmed by what to make that we don’t eat for a long time. Don’t do that to yourself.. 

The halibut takes about 15 minutes to make. The aioli is done in 5 minutes. And you have a really good meal without too much work at all. 

This aioli is vibrant in flavor, soft from the mayonnaise, and salty enough from the lemon confit paste that it’s almost a touch too salty. But, on halibut, it’s the perfect saltiness: bold and bright. 

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