How to Make a Good Burger

how to make a good burger

Eating a good burger always makes me think of the 4th of July in Breckenridge. I could smell those buffalo burgers all the way down Main Street to the trailer where the burgers were being cooked. My mom was always one of the cooking volunteers for the fire department. And I’d go to the side of the booth and say, “Mom, can I have a burger?” 

She’d slide me a burger with everything on it. That was one of the best experiences of that day: eating a burger so juicy that it dripped down my arms. I was just a giant mess afterwards. And satisfied. Oh god that was fun. 

If you like burgers, I think you should know the technique for making a good one. Why? Because so many burgers are not good. 

Every one of us has eaten a burger that is dried out, pounded too thin, and overcooked. Once you learn to make a good burger, this won’t happen to you again. 

But I know what’s happening. There are thousands of recipes for burgers out there. And if you search for a good burger, you’re going to find some good suggestions. And some not-so-good ones. How do you know which ones to trust? 

I can tell you this: I’ve made thousands of burgers in my life, from being on the line and cooking them on demand. And now I’m making some kind of burger every Monday for our dinner, plus teaching the kids how to do it too. I don’t use recipes for a burger. 

So that’s what I’m giving you here — not a specific recipe, but the technique for making a burger that will make you happy and proud of yourself, every time.

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