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Freelance writing.

After more than a decade of writing books — a food memoir; three cookbooks; and a collection of essays, all acclaimed — I want to write for you. 

Do you need a food writer? Are you looking for someone to write pithy captions for your restaurant’s social media? Do you need someone to shape your recipes into coherence and help create a cookbook that will live in people’s kitchens for years? 

I can help. Take a look at this piece I wrote about Seattle chef Renee Erickson for The Washington Post

Aside from food, I also write about parenting, education, the power of nature, books, falling in love with television series years after they first ran, healing from childhood trauma, and being a once-semi-famous food blogger who understands the odd complexities of social media and a generation of people who document their dinners. 

I can tell your story and make the copy for your company sing. 

Email me at: shaunamahern@gmail.com.


When you work with me, we will dive into sound and sense. I will notice where you hesitated and nudge you to write with more detail. I dwell in structure, so I can help you find a way to write what needs to be said. 

I want to work with you.

I can help you edit a piece of writing in a one-time session.

I can guide you toward creating the piece you need to write over four weeks of one-on-one sessions.

Together, we can craft a powerful book proposal.

In a more long-term editing relationship, I will help you develop a coherent and detailed manuscript for cookbooks, memoirs, and books of essays.

Email me.


Do you need a guide, someone who will listen intently? I can help. I find structure within stories and often know what people want before they do. 

Do you need someone to help you figure out how to best pivot your life toward doing what you love? I have learned how to do that without fear. 

Need a guide for feeding your family gluten-free? 

I can be your guide.

Questions? Email me.


I have taught for years — on living gluten-free, on parenting, storytelling, and on finding joy in enough. 

Whether it is giving the keynote speech to 500 people at a conference, talking about books with a crowd of people at a bookstore, or talking and listening with a small group of people, my mind is enlivened by the connection with other people, in speaking and listening. 

I would love to speak for your organization. 

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I would love to chat with you!