Fried Sage Leaves

We have a HUGE sage bush in our garden. It’s threatening to take over the herb bed like the Blob. When I was trying to figure out what to do with all this sage, I remembered eating fried sage leaves at a restaurant in Seattle called Marco’s Supper Club. (It’s closed now.) Back in the early 90s, Marco’s used to set out little plates of fried sage leaves as appetizers. Why not in our kitchen? 

That’s something about having ADHD. You may not have the focus or energy to make a brand-new meal every night. As much as I need to cook, I’m relieved that we’ve set up a dinner rotation for the week that repeats. But when you make the same dish every week — hamburgers on Monday — then a little touch like fried sage leaves can make the burger taste even better. Or, eat them like potato chips alongside the burger. They’re crunchy and salty and faintly herby. Think of this as Thanksgiving stuffing in a chip.

P.S. This sage bush is truly enormous. Anyone have great suggestions for what to do with all this sage?

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