Joy in the Belly Recipes

Cooking is my husband Danny’s deepest passion. Giving people joy in the belly is his purpose. He lives for the moment that people take a bite of his food, then close their eyes and enjoy. For a moment, they are fully alive to their senses. 

Here, Danny is sharing recipes for food that he loves. He’s pulling out memories of dishes he made in restaurants in 1998 that still make him hungry. He’s riffing on recipes from old community cookbooks we found at the thrift store on Vashon. Danny is making the dishes his mom put in the slow cooker when he was a kid but elevating them with his knowledge of food. He is investigating spices and preparations from around the world. He is working with flavors to create new casseroles and pantry meals.

He’s making a lot of comfort food that gives people joy in the belly. 

Danny only wants to make food that he cares about. Every dish he makes now is one that matters to him. 

And he is making it for you.

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