Enough: a newsletter about working to heal the long-term effects of trauma, one piece of writing at a time. 

For years, we were all told to suck it up or it was all in our head. Now, the studies show that adverse childhood experiences made us into who we are now. And our health is at risk if we do not address the trauma.  

According to the CDC, at least 25% of the population of America grew up with the toxic stress of childhood trauma. (They also believe the percentage is probably higher.) There are so many of us who have suffered. 

You are not alone. 

And frankly, if you were alive in 2020, you endured trauma. We all have an intimate knowledge of what it feels like to undergo trauma. We all need to start to heal now. 

We need to address this directly in our culture, together. 

What if we viewed much of the malign behavior in our culture today as the result of trauma and led with trauma-based therapy instead of suspension and imprisonment? What would this culture be like if our first priority was to care for children and the adults who endured trauma as children? 

As Tiffany Southerland talked about in this TED talk called Your Story is Your Strength, “Imagine if people knew about the messy stuff.” 

The culture is shifting. Many of us are starting to talk about the messy stuff. We need to talk about the effects of trauma in people’s lives even more. 

We need to make the invisible effects of trauma visible. 

That’s what I am doing here.

What will you find here? Essays about what gave me joy as a kid — in the midst of daily trauma — joy that helped me to build an interior life untouched by the shouting. Love letters about small joys right now —  books, music, movies, meditation and yoga, food, and people in community — that help me heal more fully. Profiles of people who work to heal trauma in themselves and others. Links to other people’s stories, organizations, and actions we can take to help others heal. 

I’m here, telling my stories, to understand my past and live today with a clear heart.

I hope it helps you too. 

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