English Muffin pizzas

If you’re having a hard day, and you don’t have the energy or focus to cook, make yourself some English muffin pizzas. They’re still good.

English muffin pizzas were one of the first foods I learned to make. My family had just bought a microwave, which was really exciting. Using the microwave made it safe for me to to cook. And it wasn’t hard. 

I spooned on some Ragu sauce from a jar and topped it with some shredded cheese. Ready to go. 

And I thought, “Oh, this is good!” 

This was comfort food because I could make it. I could feed myself quickly and easily and it was decent food. I mean, let’s be honest — any kind of bready food with tomato sauce and melted cheese is comfort food. 

Now, I might take a few extra steps to make English muffin pizzas. You can see those below. Or, you can still throw them in the microwave and call them dinner.

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