Chicken Strips, Gluten-Free

These chicken strips are the dinner favorite for our kids. Hell, we love them too.

Our kids, it turns out, both like what they call “kid food.” When Lucy was little, she ate everything. And I mean everything — once at a restaurant in San Francisco, I looked at my plate after finishing my conversation with someone across the table to find that most of my tripe dish was gone. Lucy had been eating it. She was 2.

That is not happening now.

Our kids eat roasted cauliflower, sushi, pork roulade with mushroom duxelles, and savory oatmeal — sometimes. Mostly though, they love pizza, pasta, enchiladas, sloppy joe’s, a chicken and Swiss cheese casserole that Danny’s mom made when he was a kid, and chicken strips. Oh, and sometimes, chicken nuggets.

Luckily, this recipe — adapted from one we developed for Gluten-Free Girl Everyday — is so easy to make that we are teaching Lucy how to make it for herself next week. I have a hunch that the more we have her cook now, the wider her palate will grow someday. Maybe.


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