Chaar Masalah

This mix of multiple spices is only a little bit adapted from my  favorite cookbook of the moment, Parwana: Recipes and Stories from an Afghan Kitchen. Shauna requested this book from the library months ago and the hold finally came in last week. It tells the story of a family who moved from Afghanistan in 1987 and settled in Australia, where they opened a restaurant named Parwana. Someday, I want to eat there. 

There’s so much of French cooking in the US, Italian, a little Japanese, Mexican, some Thai, some Chinese. But most Americans don’t know much about food from Afghanistan. I have been trying to dive into more of the world’s food lately. 

From their website: “At the centre of the ancient Silk Roads, Afghanistan witnessed the ebb and flow of the exchanges that underpin the human story. The cuisine shared at Parwana is infused with this story of inextricable interconnections – merging together a bricolage of ingredients, flavours and rituals to offer a culinary experience that is as old and familiar as it is new and unique.”

The food from this book is wonderful. And much of it relies on this spice mix, which the authors say is widespread in Afghanistan. It’s warm and fragrant, like the holiday season, but savory. It’s commonly used in rice dishes, which I want to try. But we made another dish from this book that relies on this spice. I will share it with you next time. First, make this.

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