Carrot Vinaigrette

We had a lot of carrots in the refrigerator. Looking at them, alongside the fresh greens we had picked up at a farmstand, Danny got the urge to make a carrot dressing he has made many times before. He first made it at Pierre’s, a restaurant in Breckinridge where he cooked in 1995.  There, he reduced the carrot juice, then added a little butter, to make a sauce for salmon with cabernet mashed potatoes and fried carrots. It’s one of my favorite dressings: creamy, sharp with rice wine vinegar, and it smells a little like French dressing, with no extra sweetness beside the carrots. We have been eating it on salads every day, including my lunch of chickpeas, cucumbers, and the last of the meatballs we made the other day, cut into thin slivers and drizzled with this carrot vinaigrette.

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