Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Cheese Frico

This broccoli soup with cheddar cheese frico? This is winter comfort, something simple and lavish at the same time. It is like broccoli cheese sauce in a soup cup.

Frico are traditionally little crisps made of Parmesan cheese. As is true of almost any food that now feels exotic or gourmet, this came from trying to make food with little. Cooks in northeast Italy tried to create something that would use up rinds for cheese. Originally, in the 13th century, the monks used local Montasio cheese. Later, the traditional cheese became Parmesan. So who says we can’t use cheddar, when that is what we have in the refrigerator?

Think a lacy crisp with the crunch of a potato chip, made of fried cheese. Sign me up.

Danny knows how to make soups. Trust me. Make this soup.

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