Fried Sage Leaves

These fried sage leaves take so little time to make. And they’re delicious, with a salty crunch.

Tofu Ready in a Moment

Set a block of tofu in teriyaki sauce to be ready any time you need some protein in a moment.

Plan-Ahead Chicken Teriyaki

marinated teriyaki tofu

If you set your timer to remind you to marinate the chicken in this teriyaki sauce, the next evening’s dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.

My Mom’s Bean Bake Casserole

Overwhelmed by the decision of what’s for dinner. Make this bean baker casserole every week, using whatever is left over.

English Muffin pizzas

Overwhelmed by the thought of making dinner tonight? English muffin pizzas are still as good as you remember them.

How to Make a Good Burger

how to make a good burger

Want to make a good burger every time you cook one? Follow this chef’s technique for success every time you make a burger.

Lemon Confit Aioli

This is the quickest way to make a delicious aioli. Lemon confit paste + blanched garlic + prepared mayo.

Lemon Confit Paste

lemon confit paste

Need a way to boost flavor fast when you’re making dinner at the last moment? This lemon confit paste does the trick.

Fresh Nettle Pesto

fresh nettle pesto

This pesto is made with fresh nettles in a mortar with a pestle, a satisfying way to slow down and make something delicious.