Asparagus Soup with Green Herb Sauce

We are just about to hit asparagus season. I am so excited. 

You can get asparagus year round, from Chile, Mexico, other places in South America. I don’t eat or cook with asparagus until California asparagus hits the stores, since that means it will be fresher, closer to the picking. When I see California asparagus, my feet get pumping. And then when Washington asparagus hits the market in May, I am so excited I can hardly form words. 

Vegetables in season taste phenomenal. Vegetables available way out of season or ones that get picked way too early — they don’t taste like much. This is the prelude of the season. Learn how to make this soup now and you will have something delicious when asparagus is in season where you live. 

The trick is to not cook the crap out of the asparagus.

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